Tips and tricks from Gasser Rodel GmbH


So that you can enjoy a nice and safe toboggan trip with your family and friends, you should pay attention to the following tips.

  • Show consideration for other toboggan run users.
  • Pay attention to locks and warnings. Make sure that the route is cleared for tobogganing and find out about the course and condition of the toboggan run.
  • Use good equipment; this includes quality toboggan, warm clothing, gloves, hard hat, sturdy shoes.
  • Note that plastic bobsleighs or plastic stands are not suitable for toboggan runs due to the slope.
  • The limited or non-existent steering options of these devices can lead to serious accidents.
  • Ascend to the right and one behind the other.
  • Cross the toboggan run only in clear places.
  • Drive in a controlled manner, on sight and keep your distance.
  • Adjust the speed and driving style to your ability, the toboggan run, the snow, ice and weather conditions as well as the traffic density.
  • Never stop in blind bends. If you have to stop in a curve, go to the inside of the curve or take the quickest way off the track.
  • Make yourself noticeable. Warn inattentive climbers.
  • Use a headlamp and reflective clothing when tobogganing in the dark.
  • When you go tobogganing in the moonlight, find out whether the track is illuminated and don't forget your headlamp or flashlight.
  • Wait in clear places for your company.
  • Apply the brakes briefly before tight bends and then turn into the bend.
  • Tobogganing on ski slopes is extremely dangerous and prohibited.
  • Alcohol, medication and addictive substances impair the ability to react and reduce the correct risk assessment.
  • When you stop at the alpine hut, secure the toboggan against theft with a bike lock.


With proper care, the toboggan is a loyal companion on all your winter tours and will give you so much pleasure.

  • Grind steel rails in the running direction with grain size 40-80.
  • Grind the covering rails in the running direction with grain size 80-100.
  • Note: Cover rails do not have to be sanded as often!
  • The higher the snow temperature, the rougher the surface of the rail should be.
  • After sanding with steel wool, peel it off 1-2 times in the running direction.
  • Never polish the rails!
  • Decking rails and steel rails can be treated with commercially available waxes or pastes.
  • After waxing, draw a structure into the rails with a brush.
  • Pay attention to 1 mm toe-in when installing the steel rails.
  • Wipe the rails dry after each toboggan run.
  • Do not expose the toboggan to the blazing sun in the car for long periods of time.


This means that you can use your toboggan again at any time, after a winter toboggan excursion but also after a long period of non-use during the summer months.

  • Lightly oil steel rails or wax with commercially available waxes.
  • Only wax in the covering rails.
  • Store the toboggan free-standing or lying in a dry, cool place.
  • Never lean the toboggan on one side or load it with objects.
  • Do not store near radiators or similar sources of heat.