In 1909, Johann Isser founded a coach building company where he didn’t only produce coaches and carriages, but also skis and toboggans.

Rupert Gasser decided to serve his apprenticeship under his uncle Johann in his coach building company. It was in 1935 that Johann Isser handed over the company to his nephew Rupert who was then 23 years old.

In the following years, winter tourism experienced a significant upturn which led Rupert Gasser and his son Johann who had also joined the company to specialize in producing toboggans. Since then, the “Gasser toboggans company ltd.” has been successful with its products on a national as well as on an international level.

In 1964, Johann Isser acquired his master craftman’s diploma in coach building and moved the production plant to Mühlbachl, Zieglstadl 15 where it is still today. He expanded the company to its today’s size and became one of the most successful producers of toboggans.

His sons Christian and Thomas joined the company as well, were provided with an extensive instruction which led Christian to his master craftman’s diploma as mechanic and metalworker in 1990. In the same year, Thomas acquired his master craftman’s diploma in carpentry.

As heads of the company, Christian and Thomas Gasser now employ their extensive knowledge and experience of many years to produce premium-quality and innovative toboggans. With regard to production and distribution, they are supported by eight members of staff.

Top athletes of various nations are successful with toboggans produced by Gasser – winning in various disciplines of Olympic, World or European Championships, as for example:

  • Markus Prock – summer tobogganing
  • Linger&Linger – summer tobogganing
  • Schiegl&Schiegl – summer tobogganing 
  • Nina Reithmayer – summer tobogganing

Apart from professional athletes, also amateur sports freaks find the appropriate toboggan in the offered product range. It contains touring toboggans as well as sporting and luge toboggans in various sizes, combined with different laces, children’s backrest and further products.

You will find all relevant information about the types of toboggans and the respective equipment in the category “Products”.


All information about the toboggan types and accessories can be found in the Products menu.